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BDS Editorials & Opinions

Bob Kosuth
01.31.2015 The Israel-Palestine "Peace Process" That Never Produces Peace: Local Government Has a Role to Play (connecting the continued colonization and violence in Palestine with the contradiction of owning Israel bonds right in one's own state or community)

David Palumbo-Liu
01.07.2015 Breaking Taboos, BDS Gains Ground Among Academics

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu
08.27.2014 My plea to the people of Israel: Liberate yourselves by liberating Palestine

David Palumbo-Liu
07.28.2014 After the Demonstrations Are Over

Haidar Eid
07.18.2014 Gaza needs more than condemnation

The Nation
07.10.2014 Responses to Noam Chomsky's critique of BDS

Tom Suarez
07.06.2014 Chomsky and BDS

Richard Falk
06.24.2014 On the Presbyterian divestment resolution

Jeffrey DeYoe, Presbyterian Outlook
05.15.2014 Divestment: Myth and fact

Richard Falk
05.10.2014 UN Special Rapporteur urges worldwide boycott of settlement products

Omar Barghouti
01.03.2014 "A Tipping Point?" On the growing academic boycott movement

Curtis Marez
12.31.2013 President of American Studies Association, on Defense of academic boycott

Thomas S. Harrington
12.25.2013 Israel Has Been "Singled Out" in the US for a Very Long Time

Yousef Munayyer
12.19.2013 Boycott a sting to Israeli apartheid

Judith Butler
12.08.2013 On Academic Freedom and the American Studies Association Israel boycott endorsement

Steven Salaita
12.04.2013 Academics should boycott Israel: Growing movement takes next step

Alex Lubin
11.27.2013 Breaking America's Last Taboo - The American Studies Association resolution

Antony Loewenstein
11.07.2013 "The Australian" newspaper attacks BDS as anti-semitic

Rosemary Sayigh
10.30.2013 The Hebrew University and ‘Hasbara’

Review of Rich Wiles Book
10.14.2013 Review of Generation Palestine: Voices from the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement

Haim Bresheeth and Sherna Berger Gluck
09.20.2013 On the fallacy of ‘engaging’ with the Israeli academy

Lawrence Davidson
07.29.2013 The Boycott of Israel, Eight Years In

Shir Hever
07.17.2013 ‘Earthquake’ for Israel: EU To Halt Support For Illegal Settlements. Israeli economist Shir Hever comments that Israelis realize the recent EU decision is a direct continuation of the BDS program. [TV interview and transcript]

Nancy Kricorian
07.16.2013 Nordstrom Prides Itself on Caring, But Not When It Comes to Making Profits from Occupation of Palestine

07.04.2013 Fourth National Palestinian BDS Conference features Academic and Cultural Boycott issues

Alice Walker
05.31.2013 To Alicia Keys: 'Save Your Soul, Boycott Israel'

Ramzy Baroud
05.10.2013 Stephen Hawking's boycott riles Israel

The Guardian
05.10.2013 Noam Chomsky among academics who asked Prof. Stephen Hawking to boycott Israeli conference

Adri Nieuwhof
05.07.2013 French ruling on Veolia is disappointing, but sets precedent for future actions

Roger Waters
04.19.2013 Former Pink Floyd frontman clarifies his stand on cultural boycott

Richard Falk
04.19.2013 On BDS and campus divestment campaigns

Pamela Olson
04.10.2013 Forget SodaStream?

Miko Peled
03.19.2013 Obama Won't Bring Peace to Palestine

Alex Kane
03.01.2013 Israel lobby group gears up to counter church divestment initiatives in 2014

Judith Butler
02.07.2013 A Philosopher's Remarks to Brooklyn College on BDS