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CalPERS Investment Committee Meeting
Video Clips & Transcripts

Israel Divestment Campaign Challenges CalPERS to do the Right Thing
May 13, 2013, Sacramento

behind the calpers wall

Following a demonstration outside, more than 25 IDC supporters attended the Cal PERS Investment Committee meeting, where many of them spoke.

Thirteen supporters of IDC spoke, eleven of whom are PERS members. The sequence of their remarks was broken by a statement from a representative of the Jewish Public Affairs Committee; and later by several speakers on other issue.

Because of the large number of speakers who signed up for Public Comment, the chair reduced the time allotted for each speaker to two minutes.

The following video clips and transcribed remarks are drawn directly from the record of the meeting. The transcriptions start on page 107 of the official record, with a break for speakers on other issues.

The speakers listed below are presented in the same order in which they appeared. The first cluster included the IDC representatives contesting PERS staff report of March 18:

followed by IDC activists:

Following a statement by Cliff Berg of the Jewish Public Affairs Committee, the second cluster of IDC speakers included:

Following Maria Gonzalez there were several speakers addressing other issues, including members of UNITE HERE. The two final speakers on the topic of divestment followed them. Their remarks begin on p. 134 of the "official transcript record."