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The War of Ideas in the Middle East

CalPERS Investment Committee Meeting
May 13, 2013, Sacramento

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C.T. Weber – Peace & Freedom Party - PERS member

Good afternoon. My name is C.T. Weber. I'm with California Peace and Freedom party. I retired from California Highway Patrol, spent most of my State employment with the Public Utilities Commission, and was a job steward and elected union lead SEIU Local 1000.

I wasn't going to be speaking today, but hearing the comments about the divestiture of killing machines in Israel, I think it's something that I -- stirred my heart and I hope it stirred yours. I think it's something that we ought to consider when we're investing, that we do some social responsible investing and not always look at the buck.

I mean, we've got enough problems, you know, with staff in the past that have, you know, under investigation and so forth. And I think it harms CalPERS and endangers our funds. And so one of the things I want us to do is, you know, think of good, solid, honest, and above-board investing. And I think things that take away human life and destroy people are something that we should try to avoid. It's just another black mark. So I just wanted to get up and lend my support to those that we're speaking against the investments that were taking place. Thank you.

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